7 Easy Styles to Pull Out Your Eyeliner Look Differently Every time - For Beginners

Are you still applying your eyeliner in the same fashion in which you used to apply every single time? If yes, then why...?

I will give you 7 different easy ways in which you can style out your eyeliner look in no extra time or effort. Starting with the easiest ones and moving towards the extras.

Classic Black Eyeliner Looks

1. The Finest Skinny Lined Eyeliner

Tight line your upper lash line with a very precise and thin line and create a long wing. Make sure that your wing should be thin, straight and enough long to lengthen your eyes.

Skinny Thin Sharp Line Eyeliner Makeup Look

Skinny Thin Sharp Line Eyeliner Makeup Look. Traditional Long Winged Eyeliner

2. The Gapped Double Winged

This is just the modification of the first skinny eyeliner where you have to draw a second line to meet the ending point of the eye tail with the middle portion of the upper lash line.

Once you finish drawing your skinny wing eyeline, you have to start from the ending point of the wing eye tail and draw a line by turning the direction inwards and meet this line to the middle of the upper lash line. By this, you will get a double winged eyeliner with a gap in between.

Double Wing Gapped Eyeliner Makeup Look

Now, you can also fill this gap with your favorite colored eyeliner as I am going to fill it with royal blue color. It will give more warmth and definition to my eye makeup without actually doing any eye makeup.

Black and Blue Liquid Eyeliner Makeup Look

3. The Traditional Thick Cat Eye Winged Eyeliner

This eyeliner look you can carry every single day and is never going to be out fashioned. It reminds me of old 90's Bollywood movie heroines.

You need to start with drawing a thin line near your upper lash line and create a wing. Then, starting from the end tail of the wing, draw another line moving towards inside direction and meet it to the beginning of the first line near inner corner of your upper lash line. Now, fill the gap to give a thick cat eye look.

Black Thick Winged Eyeliner Makeup Look. 90's eyeliner fashion.

Black Thick Eyeliner Makeup Look

4. Fish Tailed Double Wing Eyeliner

For this, you need to draw an additional line in the bottom lash line of your eyes along with your winged shape eyeliner.

Once you are done with drawing long thick winged eyeline on upper lash line, you need to draw a second line starting from the inner corner of your lower lash line and create a thin wing parallel to the upper lash line wing.

The lower lash line wing needs to be straight, thin, very precise and perfectly parallel to the upper one.

Fish Tail Double Winged Liquid Eyeliner Makeup Look

Colored Bombs Eyeliner Looks

5. Two Color Eyeliner

You can create more drama into your eyeliner looks by matching two perfectly shade eyeliner colors into one.

Draw first half of the eyeliner with one color and another half of the eyeliner with second color. Make sure that you choose both colors which goes well together. Like, in below picture, I just paired red color with black. Red and black combo is always best and gives a warm look. You can also choose any light shades of your choice but make sure that those colors belongs to same family.

For red color shade, you need not to necessarily have a red color liquid eyeliner. As for creating below look, I used my red color lipstick and draw the winged eyeline by using eyeliner brush.

Black and Red Liquid Winged Eyeliner Makeup Look

6. Crease Line Floating Eyeliner

In this eyeliner look, you need to draw a floating line with eyeliner to the crease line of your eyes.

Once you are done with drawing the winged eyeline of your favorite color on upper lash line, draw a half way line starting from the tail of the wing to the crease of your eyes by moving inside direction. Make sure that you take the prefect curve of your crease line.

How to create Crease Line Blue Liquid Eyeliner Makeup Look. Eyeliner with Crease Line double Winged Look

How to create Crease Line Blue Liquid Eyeliner makeup look. Eyeliner with Crease Line double Winged makeupLook

7. Outer Corner V Eyeliner

For this look, I am using pencil eyeliner of green color. You can take any of your favorite colored pencil eyeliner and draw a thick line only to the outer V of your eyes.

If you want then you can also apply the same color pencil eyeliner to the inner corners of your eyes, leaving the middle portion untouched.

Here, I am just applying it to the outer V of my eyes and leaving the inner corners.

Green Color Outer Corner V of Eye Eyeliner Makeup Look

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