DIY Face Mask for Dry and Flaky Skin in Winters

We used to get dry and flaky skin in winters and for that, a special face mask is needed. This homemade face mask is natural and effective for all skin types. It helps in providing deep moisture to your skin and a natural glow.

Ingredients Needed

  1. Malai (Milk Cream)

  2. Glycerin (for face)

  3. Rose Water

Process to make it

  • Take 1 tbsp of Malai (Milk Cream) into a bowl

Pure Milk Cream for Face Pack

  • Mix 3-4 drops of Glycerin into it

Glycerin for Face Mask
  • Now, mix 5-6 drops of Rose Water into the mixture

Gulabari Rose Water for Face Mask
  • Apply this pack all over your face and neck. Massage with it while applying in circular motion for 2 minutes which will also help in blood circulation, remove dirt from pores, reduce blackheads and whiteheads

  • Leave it on your face for 10 minutes

  • After that, wash it with cold water and mild facewash

  • Repeat this process in every 4 days

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