Famous Ittar (Perfumes) from Kannauj - The City of Fragrance

I am so happy to finally pen down over a topic which is so close to my heart. Today, I will talk about 'Famous Ittar (Perfumes) from the City of Fragrance - Kannauj'.

I took time to post over this topic as I cannot afford to do injustice with it. I wanted to pin every single detail about Ittar and and its value.

Famous Ittar or Attar of Kannauj

Know How Ittar or Attar is Different from Perfumes

The word 'Ittar' or 'Attar' is derived from Persian Word 'Itir' which means Perfumes. The major difference between Ittar and Perfume is in its 'making' and that plays an important role to put Ittar as a luxurious product.

Even today, the method of making Ittar is same as it was in ancient times. Masters used to extract the oil from flowers and botanicals using steaming and distillation method. This method is called as deg-bhapka. Unlike Perfumes that has alcohol as carrier or solvent, Ittar is made by crushing and infusing flowers directly into the base oil of Sandalwood.

It is a continuous process of 2-3 days where in step one, flowers with pure water are placed in large Copper Vessel known as 'deg'. In Step two, this deg is connected with bamboo pipe to a receiving copper vessel known as bhapka which captures the aromatic vapors from deg.

Nowadays, due to the less availability of Sandalwood oil, many producers replaced it with liquid paraffin. Sandalwood base oil costs lot more than liquid paraffin and which is why you find those Ittar at low cost and quality which has liquid paraffin as base oil.

How Ittar or Attar is Different from Perfume. Perfume and Attar

Famous Ittar of Kannauj

I am listing below some best and famous perfumes from the city of Fragrance, Kannauj.

1. Shamama Ittar of Kannauj

Shamama is very exotic Ittar perfume, which has spicy, woody and little sweet smell. It is made from large number of aromatic herbs, roots, spices, wood and essential oils. Now, mentioning the exact ingredients list in making of Shamama is quiet difficult as it is top-notch secret of different famous producers of Shamama in Kannauj. Also, the method and list varies between different creators.

When you smell Shamama you will find it more intense, sensual and concentrated fragrance. Shamama is primarily used as winter perfume because of its warm aroma. It is also considered as an important component in creating other fragrances like 'Mukhallat' and 'Bakhoor'.

You will get 5g of Shamama Ittar at a cost of Rs. 1300 to 1500.

2. Petrichor or Mitti Ittar of Kannauj

This is my personal favorite and I am so much in love with this earthy fragrance. Petrichor or Mitti Ittar is made from a traditional process of distillation known as deg-bhapka method. The idea of capturing nature's fragrance from earth is well known from ancient time and is firstly founded in India.

As the name signifies, Mitti Ittar is a fragrance that smells like earth clay after first rain fall of Monsoon. The extremely soothing and relaxing fragrance of Petrichor or Mitti Ittar is captured by baking clay in large copper vessel and then immersed with pure water.

You will get 5g of Petrichor/Mitti Ittar at a cost of Rs 1000 to 1200 depending upon the purity of base oil used.

Famous Petrichor or Mitti Ittar of Kannauj

3. Ruh Gulab (Rose Ittar) of Kannauj

Ruh Gulab, also known as Rose Ittar is one of the most famous and demanding Ittar and is loved all across the globe. The fragrance of ruh gulab is extracted from Indian Damask roses (damascena) which are found in middle east regions.

It is most suited Ittar for heavy wedding functions or other special occasions. The sweet and pleasant aroma of Roses will make a very warm and romantic aura. The small bottle of rose essential oil normally intakes tons of roses which are distilled several times to extract the concentrated yellow color aromatic oil. Later, this oil is diluted and mixed with base oil.

You will get 5g of Ruh Gulab/Rose Ittar at a cost of Rs. 1500 to 1700.

Rose Ittar or Attar of Kannauj. Gulab Jal. Rose Water

4. Saffron Ittar of Kannauj

Saffron (Kesar) Ittar is very famous Ittar from ancient times, also called as Zafran Ittar. It is known for its medicinal attributes and used by many ancient physicians who studies and works on Ayurveda. The soothing fragrance of Kesar helps in relaxing the body and removes stress.

Raw Saffron is an expensive and precious spice that has superior aroma. The fragrance of Saffron is further mixed with other essential oils and base oil to give a balanced exotic aroma. This perfume is extracted by a process of hydro-distillation method. Afterwards, it has been mixed with other essential oils like Ylang-Ylang, Oudh etc.

You will get 5g of Saffron Ittar at a cost of Rs. 1500 to 2000, depending upon the base oil.

5. Jasmine Ittar of Kannauj

Jasmine Ittar is having very pleasant and refreshing fragrance that settles down deeply in our mind and makes us feel refresh and energetic all day long. It is the best Ittar to use as a daily purpose fragrance. It blends perfectly as a room freshener to give you positive vibes and floral ambience.

Jasmine Ittar is extracted from Jasmine Grandiflorum flowers by using steam distillation method. It has very fruity and floral fragrance which makes you feel that you are standing in middle of Jasmine nursery.

You will get 5g of Jasmine Ittar at a cost of Rs. 700 to 800, depending upon the base oil used.

Jasmine Ittar of Kannauj. Jasmine Attar.

Perfect Way to Apply Ittar

The best way to apply Ittar is on pulse points of your body like behind the ears, inside your wrist, back of your neck and inside elbow.

Synthetic perfumes are not recommended to apply directly over your skin as it may cause reactions or allergies but as, Ittar is made by 100% natural substances and by pure method, it is safe to apply Ittar directly over your skin.

Ittar has very strong fragrance so, using just one drop of it, makes you feel of heaven and bliss.