How to Apply Base Makeup For Flawless Finish

Who does not want to apply makeup in a way that will last long all day without being cakey or drying up our face..?? We all want it right..?

Today, we came up with important basic steps which we need to follow for getting super natural, glowing, neat and flawless makeup. So, let's begin..

Base Makeup Finish for Flawless Makeup on Girl Face

1. Wash your face and Apply Moisturizer

Not a very surprising step where we need to cleanup our face and apply a good moisturizer. You can also use any essential oil or facial oil based on your choice as a moisturizer supplement. Oily skin people can choose a moisturizer which is lightweight and non-greasy.

Now, I want to highlight one mistake which most of us do. Whenever we are going to apply makeup, we wash our face and apply moisturizer immediately before starting our makeup. This is not the correct way to prep your skin. Give your moisturizer some time to settle and get absorbed into your skin.

We should wash our face and apply moisturizer at least 10-15 minutes before starting our makeup so that our skin gets enough time to absorb proper nourishment and hydration from the moisturizer.

Pro-Tip: It is completely your choice but I would like to recommend you to remove any unwanted facial hair before starting your makeup so that your makeup can settle down with smooth and flawless finish.

2. Primer

Most of us have this confusion that, should we apply primer first and moisturizer after that or do vice-versa ? I wanted to clear out this doubt that, we should always apply primer once we are done with moisturizing our skin. Primer creates a barrier between our skin and makeup and if we will apply moisturizer after doing primer, then our moisturizer will not be able to penetrate this barrier and reach our skin.

Primer is used to close open pores and evens out our skin by creating a smooth base. Few primers also come with hydrating qualities and color correctors so, you can choose a primer based on your requirement and choice.

Pro Tip: Apply good quantity of primer over your T-zone area, around your nose and your cheekbones. This is the area where we actually have open pores and instantly get oily skin.

3. Concealer

It's time to conceal our dark circles, acne spots and blemishes. Always, choose a concealer which is one shade lighter to our natural skin tone.

Pro Tip: Try to avoid applying 2-3 layers of concealer under your eyes as it will definitely end up creating crease lines after some time. The best way to use concealer is to apply a very thin layer of it only to those areas where you actually have dark spots or dark circles.

4. Foundation

Once you are done with applying your concealer, it's time to apply foundation. Choose a foundation which exactly matches your skin tone and then, start building your foundation with a very thin layer.

Do not try to apply your foundation in one go with lots of product. You need to follow the mantra of Apply-Blend and Apply-Blend... Also, it is always better to have just one layer of any product because already, we are going with so many steps in makeup.

For blending your foundation, you can either use a sponge or a makeup brush of your choice. I prefer to use a makeup brush for applying my foundation and concealer as it blends the product very well into my skin. Also, I feel like sponges soak up most of the makeup product and we will not get full coverage of the product.

Pro Tip: Do not apply your foundation over areas where you have already applied your concealer. If you do so, it will end up getting multiple layers of different products at a place and will enhance your crease lines and become cakey

5. Set your Makeup With Setting Powder/Compact

Last but not the least, set your base makeup by dusting it with setting powder or using compact. You can also do baking if you want, but I would suggest not to do it if you are having very dry or a combination type skin, like me. I did try baking my concealer and foundation, but it made my face extreme dry.