How to Fix Dried Gel Eyeliner in 5 Minutes Without Heating

First of all, I am not a big fan of gel eyeliners, liquid eyeliner is always my 'Go-To' love, but last year for the very first time, I bought 'Incolor Waterproof Gel Eyeliner' just for experimenting different types of eyeliners other than liquid base.

Honestly speaking, I was extremely happy to use it in the beginning because of its smooth and soft texture, but this happiness only lasted for 3 months. Yes, It started getting dry Just in 3 months only.

May be, it is because of my carelessness as I kept the container open for longer time while applying eyeliners, around 5 to 10 minutes. But this completely broke my heart and I desperately wanted to fix it.

So, I found a very easy way which is great and can revive your dried gel eyeliner in just 5 minutes ONLY.

How To Fix Dried Gel Eyeliner in Easy Steps. INCOLOR Gel Eyeliner Revive.

For this you will need

  • Toothpick or a Brush having pointed back (I am going to use the same eyeliner brush which came with my INCOLOR Gel Eyeliner)

  • Eye Drop or Baby Oil


1. Add two-three drops of Eye drop or Baby Oil in dried gel eyeliner. Don't over add it. Go with 2 drops maximum in starting, if you feel that it is still dry then you can add few more drops later

Added Eyedrops to Dried Gel Eyeliner to Make it Smooth.

2. After adding drops, poke your gel eyeliner with pointed back of brush or toothpick and make few holes. This will help eye drop/baby oil to go inside of the gel eyeliner

3. Leave it for 2 minutes and once it become creamy and soft, crack the gel eyeliner using same pointed brush and mix it completely for having even consistency

Fix Your Dried Gel Eyeliner by Making it Smooth After Adding Few Eyedrops To It

4. Push it back to the bottle using finger tip for smooth surface. I really do not want to use my bare finger directly so, I wrapped my finger with tissue cloth. You can use your bare finger if it doesn't bother you as eyeliner would wash off easily from finger

Push Back Your Gel Eyeliner To Make Smooth Surface Of Dry Gel Eyeliner

5. Now, it's time to check your gel eyeliner. Swatches below. My eyeliner is back to soft and smooth texture and I love it more now

Swatches of Gel Eyeliner. INCOLOR Jet Black Gel Eyeliner

6. This step is completely optional, but as I do not want my gel eyeliner to dry up again so, I wrapped the pot of gel eyeliner with Aluminium foil wrap

Store Your Gel Eyeliner By Wrapping it With Plastic Cover Or Aluminium Food Wrap