Lakme Face Sheer Highlighter Review | Sun Kissed

Hey Girls,

Everyone knows how much we girls are obsessed with using highlighters. I am one of you and kind of crazy about highlighters, glitters and shimmers.

So, 2 years back, I went to buy my first ever highlighter in a beauty store and asked them to show something from Lakme. Obviously Lakme, as I am fond of using their products.

Anyways, the lady in the shop gave me Lakme Face sheer instead of highlighter palette and asked me to give it a try. While trying it there, I loved the pigmentation, color and smoothness of this sheer so, instantly decided to buy it.

Now, you guys know that I have been using it from past 2 years and in a good position to talk about it in details. Let's have a look.

Lakme Face Sheer Highlighter Review

Lakme Face Sheer Highlighter

It comes in two different shades - Sun Kissed and Desert Rose. Earlier, it also has a third shade known as Earth Blaze but seems like now it is not available in the market. Even, I am not able to find it on Lakme official website. May be, they discontinue Earth Blaze shade. Can't tell you exactly.

I bought it in the shade of 'Sun Kissed' which is a golden shimmery polished shade and would perfectly compliment our Indian warm makeup looks. On the other hand, Desert Rose is a peachy-pink shimmery color which would also give a mild blusher tint.

'Sun Kissed' is a perfect shade for me and it goes well with my medium skin tone.


The first thing which attracted me towards this face sheer was the packaging of this cute little bomb. But I must tell you that please don't fall for it and the reason is little weird which I would explain you later while sharing my experience below.

It comes in a small rounded golden tub with a tiny mirror on top lid of it. Also, when you open it, you will see a small sponge applicator fixed with the tub. This sponge applicator is non-detachable until you broke it so, cleaning this sponge is not possible.

Lakme Face Sheer Sun Kissed Highlighter

Shade, Texture and Pigmentation

Sun kissed shade gives you golden copper shiny finish and would suit almost every skin tones. The sheer powder particles are finely milled and would effortlessly blend in your skin. It gives a sparkly highlighter effect which is great while using it on cheek bones, inner corner of eyes and over our collar bones.

The pigmentation is very pretty and easily buildable as per our need.


Lakme Face Sheer Sun Kissed Highlighter Swatches

My Experience

Coming back to the packaging; the packaging of this product totally attracted me at first sight. It is implemented with a tiny mirror on top of cap and a sponge applicator attached with it. Additionally, the size of the tub is so convenient that it can easily fit in any of my makeup pouches. How cool is that.

Later, I realized that using this sponge applicator for applying the highlighter is another level of risk. Sometimes, when I dab this sponge over my skin, the product accidently comes out in excess and sometimes it doesn't. This inconsistency results in uneven application of my highlighter. If I dab it multiple times to even out things so, it will make me clown with excess product.

In order to avoid this situation, I always take the product on my finger tips and then apply it over my cheek bones, collar bones, cupid's bow or where ever I want. This way, I am easily able to build the desired amount of the product over my body that I actually needed.

Lakme Face Sheer Sun Kissed Highlighter Review


  • Small round tub that can easily fit in makeup pouch

  • Comes with an inbuilt mirror on top

  • Suitable for all skin types

  • Well Pigmented

  • Decent Quantity that will last long for years

  • Stays for continuous 3-4 hours without fading

  • Easily Available and Budget friendly


  • Sponge applicator is not so friendly and could pop out the product in excess which might result in uneven application

Lakme Face Sheer Highlighter Review

MRP Price

Rs. 425 for 4g

But it is easily available online in the range of 300 - 350 Rs.

Final Verdict

I am not very impressed with sponge applicator but I must say that the color, pigmentation, texture, quantity and blending ability of this face sheer is extremely amazing so, you will love it if you are ok with the sponge applicator and can be able to apply highlighter with your finger tips in order to avoid messing up.