Mars Cosmetics Won't Budge Won't Smudge Lip Crayon Review

Lately, Mars Cosmetics has sent me some of their beautiful products and I'm so grateful to them. If you are new to this name and aren't properly aware of it then let me shed some light on it...

Mars Cosmetics is an Indian Brand which has all the products perfectly crafted and designed for Indian skin tones.

I've visited their website thoroughly and found that the brand has a beautiful collection of lip crayons and that too in very affordable range. They have total 16 different variety of shades from which you can easily pick the color of your choice.

You can check all the 16 different shades by clicking on the below button.

I received this lip crayon in the shade '05 - I Have Got This (Crimson Red)' which is a beautiful nude reddish brown shade and once you layer it up, it is going to turn into a dark brown shade. I am more into nude lipsticks so, I'd picked this particular shade for me.

About the Product

Mars Cosmetic Lip Crayon comes in the pencil form with a transparent cap. The cap fits tightly and doesn’t come off on its own which makes it more travel friendly and it can be kept simply in our carry bags without any worry. The bottom of the pencil shows the actual color of the crayon which makes it easier to search from the bunch of lip crayons in our pouch.

Mars Cosmetics Won't Budge Won't Smudge Lip Crayon

These pencils are not retractable and hence, we need to sharpen the tip for proper application of it. Thankfully, Mars Cosmetic crayons comes with a FREE sharpener which gives them a bonus point as we do not have to run for purchasing an additional sharpener for it. I personally didn't have any sharpener before so, it was a big relief for me when this crayon lip pencil came with a sharpener.


It retails for just Rs. 299

You can get it from Amazon, Flipkart in much lesser prices on deals. Also, you can buy it from the official website of Mars Cosmetics.

My Personal Thoughts

I Have Got This - 05 is a beautiful, fresh looking and highly pigmented reddish brown shade.

Mars Cosmetics Won't Budge Won't Smudge Lip Crayon in shade I Have Got This 05

I am really impressed with the pigmentation and creamy texture of it. Though, it has a creamy texture but does not smudge or budge at all. The formula is quite lightweight that glides on our lips very smoothly and stays for longer time.

Mars Cosmetics Won't Budge Won't Smudge Lip Crayon Review

It is transfer-proof and water-proof lip crayon which lasts for continuously 6-7 hours on our lips. We got a pretty matte finish look in just 2-3 minutes of it's application and that too without even drying out our lips. It does not make our lips look patchy or flaky due to it's creamy texture.


Mars Cosmetics Won't Budge Won't Smudge Lip Crayon Swatches

Mars Cosmetics Won't Budge Won't Smudge Lip Crayon Swatches


  • Travel friendly packaging

  • 16 Beautiful shade ranges which goes well with Indian skin tones

  • Smooth and creamy texture

  • Gives a matte finish look

  • Easily glides on the lips and gives perfect color in just 2-3 strokes

  • Does not dry out our lips

  • Extremely affordable in budget friendly price

  • Smudge proof, transfer proof and water proof


  • Crayon pencil needs sharpening which leads to unwanted product wastage