Nivea Coloron Coral Crush Crayon Review

I have been using Nivea Coloron lip balms from last year and this is my second buy. The first one which I had was in the shade 'Pop Red' which was a very beautiful bright red shade. I always wanted to try Coral Crush shade but it was out of stock at that time so, took Pop Red shade.

After I finished my Pop Red lip crayon, I went ahead for repurchasing it and luckily this time, coral crush shade was available. I am very happy with the color, pigment and everything about it. It's a daily wear shade which is much lighter than the Pop Red and kind of my type.

Nivea Coloron Coral Crush Crayon Review

About the Product

Nivea Lip crayons have a new unique formula which are enriched with natural oil that helps in delivering a long lasting color effect, moisturization, soft and satin finish over our lips. Its texture is extremely creamy and smooth and has a mild fragrance of fruity or berry like scent which is appealing and gives a refreshing experience.

Coral Crush is a perfect everyday shade and suitable for fair to medium skin tones. The pigmentation of these crayons are buildable which means I could layer it up and have the color as intense or light as I want.


It comes with a retractable mechanism which is convenient to use and hence, there is no wastage of product. It has transparent cap that fits perfectly and tightly to the crayon body which makes it travel friendly.

Nivea Coloron Coral Crush Crayon Packaging

All the product related details like ingredients, price, manufacturing and expiry dates are mentioned on backside of the cardboard case.


Nivea Coloron Coral Crush Crayon Ingredients

My take on it

I am just fond of Lip balms and especially the tinted ones. It is more than a lip balm and less than a lipstick which attracts me more and makes them perfect for daily use. The formula does not feel sticky or heavy over my lips and stays for 3-4 hours approximately. The re-application would require only if I eat any oily food.

The color and texture of it gives a creamy beautiful pigment along with the perfect long lasting moisturization. It hydrates our lips from within. However, If you have extremely rough or chapped lips then I don't think it is going to help in healing them. For that purpose, I would recommend you to go for basic Nivea lip balm or Vaseline.

My Ratings to product

Nivea Coloron Coral Crush Crayon Ratings

Is it transfer proof ?

No, it is not transfer proof and easily fades away if we eat anything or rub our lips. Time to time reapplication would require.


It retails for Rs. 249 only for 3g.


Nivea Coloron Coral Crush Crayon Swatches


  • Beautiful shades are available from which you can choose

  • Insanely pigmented

  • Soft and creamy texture

  • Glides easily over lips

  • Non sticky formula

  • Provides long-lasting moisturization

  • Stays for 3-4 hours longer time without taking meal


  • Not very effective in healing extremely dry or chapped lips

Final Verdict

Overall, it's a great product which provides long-lasting hydration along with some tint. I would definitely recommend it.