Pond's Light Moisturizer Detailed Review

I recently added this moisturizer based cream in my winter skin care collection. Before having this, I was using Nivea cream for Winters but I felt Nivea very sticky and heavy on my face so, I bought this product just for using it as a face cream in winters.

Let's look into this in detail.

Pond's Light Moisturizer Detailed Review

About Pond's Light Moisturizer

This Pond's cream is having very lightweight and non-greasy formula. It is enriched with Vitamin E which is a bomb ingredient in it. Vitamin E helps in nourishing our skin, provides a deep moisture to it and makes it soft. It also contains Glycerin, Vitamin B3, Vitamin C and glutamic acid which helps to restore the moisture in skin. It is clinically proven that this cream gives an even-toned, glowing skin which is non-oily.

Pond's also claimed that this product is having SPF 15 in it which would help in blocking harsh UV rays and improves our skin radiance.

About the Packaging of the product

I am not going to write a long paragraph for it because the packaging is not so cool. The cream comes in a sea green color tub with white cap. Good thing is that the complete ingredient list is mentioned on back of the tub. The cream inside is white in color with decent fragrance.

Pond's Light Moisturiser Cream Detailed Review

My Personal Experience with Pond's Light Moisturizer

I am really impressed with its lightweight and smooth texture. It spreads perfectly over my skin and did not leave any residue behind. The main purpose of me buying this product is just that I do not want to apply any cold cream in winter which will make my face look dull & oily and this cream fulfills my purpose completely.

The cream formula is much like water based which absorbs in my skin very quickly and keeps it hydrated for longer time. It also makes my skin feel smooth and soft.

Not sure about others but I am so in love with the fragrance of this cream. The fragrance is very refreshing and stays for longer time. Also, I like the fragrance of Ponds triple Vitamin lotion. Of course, who does not want to smell good....??

This cream also contains SPF 15 which is a good thing but I can't rely completely on SPF 15. SPF 40 or 50 is our need in India so, I need to apply some additional sunscreen over it.

Pond's Light Moisturiser Cream Detailed Review and Swatches

What I like about it

  • Very Lightweight and non-greasy

  • Quickly absorbs in skin

  • Makes my skin smooth & soft

  • Great fragrance

  • Fragrance stays for longer time

  • Keeps skin hydrated for longer time

  • Does not clog pores and clinically tested

What I do not like about it

  • SPF 15 is less. At least 30/40 is needed

  • 24 hour moisture lock is actually not true

  • Not impressed with packaging

Other details

Price: Rs. 299 for 250 ml

Got it At: Rs. 239 for 250 ml

Would I recommend?

Definitely yes!! BUY NOW

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