Stay Quirky Mini Matte Lipstick Set Review and Swatches | Kit 01

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So, recently I bought Stay Quirky Mini Matte Lipstick - Kit 01 to expand my lipstick collection with varieties. I am big-big fan of lipsticks and always try to experiment with different shades and brands. Stay Quirky Mini matte comes in 10 different kit ranges, numbered from 01 to 10 and you can choose any kit of your choice.

Each of the different kits have the combination of 12 different mini matte lipsticks, having weigh of 1.2 gm each.

Okay, so now, let's jump into our review over Kit 01 of Stay Quirky Mini Matte Lipstick, named as 'Kiss Me With Every Lip Color'.

Stay Quirky Mini Matte Kit 01 lipsticks Review and Swatches

About the Product

Kit 01 contains beautiful range of pink, purple, maroon and nude lipstick shades. These are the miniatures of the Stay Quirky Soft Badass Matte Lipsticks with different range of colors.

1. Pink Shades: Lust Is Contagious, Saint With Sinner's Lips, Boost My Mood

Stay Quirky Mini Matte Pink lipsticks

2. Maroon Shades: Unicorn Blood, Fire Up Here And Down Below, You Badly Need To Be Kissed

Stay Quirky Mini Matte Maroon lipsticks

3. Purple Shades: Trippin' Over You, Biting Not Allowed, Liar Liar Lips On Fire

Stay Quirky Mini Matte Purple lipstick shades

4. Nude Shades: Bad Girl Wild Lips, Angel With Devil's Kiss, Want To Get Messy

Stay Quirky Mini Matte Nude lipsticks

The above mentioned shade names are what I have received in Kit 01 and are different from their names mentioned over the website. So, please do not get confused here.


All the 12 lipsticks are placed side by side in a small transparent case which is having sockets to fit the lipsticks. Each lipstick bullet is placed decently in one socket so that, it cannot move and create mess.

The lipstick bullet comes in a plastic packaging provided with a transparent cap by which the actual shade of the bullet is clearly visible. You will be able to find the shade name and number written over the lower black portion of all the bullets. I would like to mention that the quantity of the lipstick is just which is visible from the bullet.

Other important details related to Ingredients list, manufacturing date and shelf life etc. is appropriately mentioned over the outer box packaging of the lipstick kit.


The pigmentation of all these lipsticks are so bright and beautiful and gives a creamy matte finish. Yes, it doesn't give you a perfect matte look, but a bit of creamy matte finish which will not dry up your lips.

My Personal Thoughts on Every Shade

  • Angel With Devil's Kiss, Shade 7: A very beautiful nude lip shade which will suit medium to fair skin tone. I personally love nude lipsticks for daily purpose and it is the perfect shade for me. I already became a fan of it.

Stay Quirky Mini Matte Angel With Devils Kiss Shade 7 lipstick Swatch

  • Bad Girl Wild Lips, Shade 11: Another brown nude shade which is similar to shade 7. You will not be able differentiate between shade 7 and 11 by just looking into the bullets but once you apply these lipsticks over your lips, you will see the slight difference in both the colors.

Stay Quirky Matte Bad Girl Wild Lips Shade 11 lipstick Swatch

  • Want To Get Messy, Shade 24: This is very beautiful brick red and a little brown nude lip shade and perfect color for all purpose looks. You can pair it with your formals for office going look or you can use it with heavy eye makeup look. This particular lip shade will rock always.

Stay Quirky Mini Matte Want To Get Messy Shade 24 lipstick Swatch

  • You Badly Need To Be Kissed, Shade 50: This is not the perfect maroon shade but a bit of rouge pink color. It will suit all skin tones and can consider as all purpose lip color. Very nice rouge blush shade.

Stay Quirky Mini Matte You Badly Need To Be Kissed Shade 50 lipstick Swatch

  • Unicorn Blood, Shade 40: Now, this shade comes in perfect maroon color family and as the name signifies, it is kind of dark blood red color. A very pigmented and beautiful shade and its last longing power is amazing.

Stay Quirky Mini Matte Unicorn Blood Shade 40 lipstick Swatch

  • Fire Up Here And Down Below, Shade 39: This shade is very similar to shade 40 but gives a bit of more warm maroon color. It will suit all skin tones and will complement Indian attires perfectly.

Stay Quirky Mini Matte Fire Up Here And Down Below Shade 39 lipstick Swatch

  • Boost My Mood, Shade 21: This is very nice rose pink color and will work for fair to medium skin tone.

Stay Quirky Mini Matte Boost My Mood Shade 21 lipstick Swatch

  • Saint With Sinner's Lips, Shade 8: This color is very similar to shade 21 but having a little bit of cool tone. It is kind of fuchsia pink color and will suit fair to medium skin tones.

Stay Quirky Mini Matte Saint With Sinner's Lips Shade 8 lipstick Swatch

  • Lust Is Contagious, Shade 47: This shade is very bright pink color and has silver metallic finish. I personally don't like metallic finish lipsticks so, I am going to use it as my eye makeup shade but if you are person who is okay with metallic and shiny lipstick finish then this color will work great for you. A very beautiful Barbie pink color with great pigmentation.

Stay Quirky Mini Matte Lust Is Contagious Shade 47 lipstick Swatch

  • Liar Liar Lips On Fire, Shade 4: This is very dark plum purple shade and will suit all skin tones. It is not a daily purpose lip color but would greatly compliment heavy party makeup looks.

Stay Quirky Mini Matte Liar Liar Lips On Fire Shade 4 lipstick Swatch

  • Biting Not Allowed, Shade 10: This is a more like mauve purple color which gives a perfect matte finish. It will suit all skin tones.

Stay Quirky Mini Matte Biting Not Allowed Shade 10 lipstick Swatch

  • Trippin' Over You, Shade 46: This is not a truly purple color but gives a more like magenta pink finish. It is very beautiful and bright color with a little bit of metallic finish.

Stay Quirky Mini Matte Trippin' Over You Shade 46 lipstick Swatch


  • Very Bright and Intense Pigmentation

  • Waterproof and Transfer Proof

  • Creamy Matte Finish

  • Vegan, Cruelty Free and Toxicity Free product

  • Gives Fuller Lips

  • Affordable Range

  • Travel Friendly

  • Super Stay and long lasting finish

  • Vitamin E as Key Ingredient


  • The biggest con which I found is that the name and shade number of the lipsticks are completely different from what they are showing on the website. Like, I have received Biting Not Allowed, Shade 10 as a purple lip shade family but over their website, you will find this shade under nude color family. It's not that we are not receiving all the colors which they are showing in kit, but names and numbers are placed differently from their website which will create extreme confusion if you wanted to buy a specific shade again.

Other Important Details

MRP: 399 Rs.

Availability: You will be able to purchase it from the official website of Purplle

Overall Opinion

I would recommend you to surely give it a try as you will get 12 different lip shades in very affordable and decent price range. All the shades are very beautiful and highly pigmented. If you are someone who is going to set up your first ever makeup kit then you can consider to include it in your kit for experimenting different lip colors at a price of just one.