Winter Skin Care Mistakes Which You Should NOT Make This Year

Now, that Winter are here, we need to take good care of our SKIN. We're here to tell you 6 common mistakes that you are making in winter and you need to Stop them immediately for healthy and glowing skin.

Winter Skin Care Mistakes Which You Should Not Make

If You Take Care of These Basic Things in Winter then You are Saving your Skin ...

1. Do Not use 'Warm' water for bathing

Always use Luke warm water or normal tap water. I know, it is quiet difficult to use normal tap water during winters so, you can always use Luke warm water for it.

Having a bath with warm water in winter is relaxing but you should avoid that. Reason, it tends to remove moisture from your skin and dry it out more, which definitely you DO NOT want

If you are really tired and wanted to take a warm water shower then I will recommend you to take a very quick shower of not more than 2 minutes. Do not spend so much time under warm Water shower as it will damage your skin and make it rough & dry.

2. Avoid Using 'Soap' in Winter

You should not use Soap from bathing in Winter and also avoid using any face washes that are soap based. For bathing, you can use gel based 'Body Wash' instead. Body Washes or Shower Gels contains so many moisturizing ingredients and are not harsh to our body.

Now, most of the people do not really want to switch to body washes from soap so they can use Glycerin based soaps in Winter. Such soaps are not harsh to our body and also provides enough moisture to it.

I am listing below some good glycerin based soaps for you

  • Medimix Ayurvedic Natural Glycerine Bathing Bar

  • Dove glycerin soap

  • Pears Pure And Gentle Bathing Bar

  • Khadi Herbal Haldi Chandan Glycerine Soap

  • Medimix Ayurvedic Natural Glycerine Bathing Bar

3. Not Applying Moisturizer instantly after taking bath?

Always apply Moisturizer right after taking bath when your skin is still moist. Most of us take 5-10 minutes for applying moisturizer after taking bath, this will not help your skin much as in those 5-10 minutes, your skin starts getting dryness or flakiness.

Applying moisturizer instantly after taking bath will lock your body moisture deeply into your skin and your skin will not get dry for a longer period of time.

One basic thing which you can do is to keep your moisturizer bottle in the bathroom itself so that you can apply as soon as you finish your bathing.

4. Are you using a moisturizer which is not staying into your skin for a longer time?

Always use a good moisturizer for your skin that will last long into your skin for a longer period of time. Now, most of the moisturizer claims to keep your skin hydrated for 8-9 continuous hours but I think, no moisturizer will be able to make that happen if your skin is really dry.

It is always better to use 'Glycerin' as a moisturizer after taking bath and then apply any product moisturizer over it, which you love the most. This way, the moisture of the glycerin will penetrate into your skin deeply and also helps to seal the moisture of your cream moisturizer into your skin.

5. Not using Sunscreen in Winters?

Now, most of the people have this misunderstanding that it is not a sunny day so, they can avoid using Sunscreen. This is a BIG mistake. We should always wear a good SPF sunscreen (SPF 40 or 50) in winters because cloudy weather or clouds cannot block the UV rays of sun. In order to keep your skin secure from UV rays, we must apply a good Sunscreen in Winters also.

In winters, you should switch to cream based sunscreen instead of gel based sunscreen as cream based sunscreens will not make your skin dry and keep it hydrated.

6. Not using moisturizer while going to bed at night?

We should always apply moisturizer at least two times in winter days, one after taking bath and one before going to sleep at night. Now, I am not saying that you should apply it two times only but at least two times for normal skin people. For dry skin people, they can make it to three times in a day.

Bed time is a longer time when you and your skin can relax and absorbs a good amount of moisture. Applying cream or moisturizer before going to sleep will helps to keep your skin smooth the next day when you wake up.

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